Heavy Transport and Project Transportation

Project Transportation Stages

  1. Analyzing customer requirements and needs
  2. Arranging an operative group
  3. Deciding on optimal route and cost
  4. Acquiring/preparing all the required road permits and documentation
  5. Preparing load layout plans  and cargo lashing
  6. Arranging cargo insurance
  7. Tracking cargo at every transportation stage
  8. Arranging customs declaration and clearance
  9. Establishing and sharing delivery reports

Project transport (delivery of all facilities, large shipments of industrial equipment, production lines, etc.) is the most comprehensive type of cargo transportation, requiring a trained team and superior team understanding in road permits and engineering.

With more than 40 years of experience, professional staff and a comprehensive fleet of assets Tur Transit Logistics carries out all kinds of projects.

Our services:

  • Industrial project transportation,
  • Heavy and non-standard freight transport,
  • Heavy lifting, placement,
  • Multimodal transportation,
  • Ship chartering,

We provide these services across Turkey,  Europe, CIS countries and the Middle Eastern countries.

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