Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions

Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions

Stock Management

Tur Transit manages one of the biggest cost items of a business, reducing the cost of inventory, manages the raw material, semi-finished and finished goods stocks and allows the stock movements to be monitored online.

Order Management

Tur Transit supplies all the materials needed in production according to any product variety. Services provided in this context;

  • Transport to country
  • Actual imports
  • Storing
  • Labeling-repacking (if necessary)
  • Transfer to production lines
  • Reporting
  • Transition orders to designated suppliers
  • Realization of payments

Supply Chain

Tur Transit carries out the services required at all stages from the beginning of production to the realization of the product and delivery to the final consumer. It provides all the information needed with advanced computer software.

  • Collection
  • Transportation (Land, Sea, Air, Railway)
  • Storage (Customs-Duty-Free)
  • Clearance
  • Packaging + Labeling
  • Distribution (Domestic – International)
  • Reporting

Retail Solutions

Tur Transit produces customer-specific retail solutions for bulk raw materials and consignment sales.

Services performed within this scope include;

  • Supply and sale of bulk raw materials
  • Collection – Storage – Distribution
  • Domestic transport
Boxes on a Conveyer Belt.

Packaging / Labeling

Tur Transit specializes in packaging, labeling, boxing, and package changing activities required for partial use or production of goods.


Control Disposal and Repair Services

Within the scope of the Control Extraction and Repair Services, Tur Transit provides services related to the introduction of quality control method, sub-assembly operations, intermediate and final product control and customer and quality representation.

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