Warehouse Management

Tur Transit provides value-added services in a variety of warehouses in İstanbul, Gölcük, and Bursa with the ability to keep up with the daily intensive logistics flow of customers with warehouse management experiences, information system infrastructure and flexible stock areas.

By ready-to-use rack system, facilities equipped with the latest technology, mindful and experienced personnel Tur Transit provides labeling, repackaging, stock management, barcoding, collection, and distribution services in accordance with customer demands.

  • Rackless storage
  • Dry food storage
  • Tonnage material storage
  • Roll sheet storage
  • 35-ton capacity crane
  • Closed area of ??10.000 m²
  • 10.000 m² closed area for logistics purposes
  • Barcode + RF warehouse automation
  • Possibility to monitor warehouse movements via the internet

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